Proposes Method of Estimating Final Molasses Due Cane
     Pañgan, W.B. 1954.  A method of estimating the final molasses corresponding to the planter’s cane, a more logical approach towards improving the present method as it is proposed for use in Central Don Pedro. PROCEEDINGS OF THE PHILIPPINE SUGAR TECHNOLOGISTS. August: 43-46.
Production of CO2 Gas, Liquid, Dry Ice and Dry Yeast from Alcohol Distilleries
     Rosales, H.R. 1953.  Cane molasses as raw materials in alcohol distilleries can be utilized into production of dry yeast and take advantage of the CO2 derived from the fermentation vats to produce commercial CO2 gas, liquid and dry ice. PROCEEDINGS OF THE PHILIPPINE SUGAR TECHNOLOGISTS. August…
Operation of Lafeuille Crystallizer Pans.
     Gomeri, J.R. 1953.  All low-grade massecuite are treated in the Lafeuilles only by giving drinks of cold water and concentrating to high brix after each draught to improve the “feel” of the massecuite. PROCEEDINGS OF THE PHILIPPINE SUGAR TECHNOLOGISTS. August: 124-127.
Influence of Fiber on Java Ratio.
     Locsin, M.V. 1953.  A series of test was made in the laboratory of VMC in which the Java Ratios of several cane varieties of varying fiber contents were determined. By these tests it was hoped to obtain a more definite correlation and eliminate many variables than taking the average Java Ratios and percent fiber in different centrals.…
Influence of Fiber in Cane on Sugar Distribution Based on Crusher Juice Analysis.
     Deomano, F.V. and Olalia, I.M. 1953.  The difference in weights of absolute juice between the soft and hard canes is not considered in the present system of sugar distribution in Pasumil and Pasudeco. Thus, variety of cane that gives less juice than other varieties is given the same amount…