International Sugar Journal

Propagation of yeast biomass from distillery wastes. process and product evaluation
Author: Masahiro Okuno, Shiro Kishihara, Makiti Otsuka, Satoshi Fujil, and Kouji Kawasaki
1. Gustavo Saura, Miguel A. Otero, julio A. Martinez
2. Norka Fundora, Erick Reyes, Maria C. Vasallo and Oscar Almazan
3. Cuban Institute for Research on Sugar Cane By-Products (ICIDCA)…
Sugarbeet production in Europe 2007/8 - an an estimate
Author: F.O Licht
Affiliation: Am Muhlengraben, Ratzeburg, germany
Publisher: International Sugar Journal October 2007, Vol 109, No. 1306
Category:  Beet sugar, European Beet production
Pages: 623-627
The Double Magma System - A Report of its Performance and Experiences with it at United States Sugar Corporation
Rodriguez, B.M.  1980.  The installations at Bryant and Clewiston sugar houses, the equipment and boiling schemes are described. The improvements obtained in sugar recovery, as well as in sugar quality without the latter being the primary objective, fully convinced…
Use of penicillin and monensin to control bacterial contamination of Brazilian alcohol fermentations
Author: Stroppa C.T., Andrietta M.G.S., Steckelberg C. and Serra G.E.
Publisher: International Sugar Journal February 2000, Vol 102, No. 1214
Keywords: bacterial contamination, penicillin, fermentation
Pages: 78 - 82
Ultrasonic desorption - a new regeneration technology 
Author: Shujuan Yu, Dawei Gao and Zhirong Gin 
Affiliation:South China University of technology, Guangzhou, China
Publisher: International Sugar Journal April 2000, Vol 102, No. 1216
Keywords: Ultrasonic desorption, ultrasound
Pages: 202 - 204