International Sugar Journal

Oriented intergrowths and colouring of sucrose crystals effected by surface adsorption processes
Author: Bu-Guo Wang and Heinz Follner
Affiliation:Instititute fur Mineralogie und Mineralische Rohstoffe, Germany 
Publisher: International Sugar Journal December 2000, Vol 102, No. 1224
Keywords: intergrowths, sucrose
Pages: 664 - 670
Organic sugar - a growth opportunity for producers?
Author: Sergei Gudoshnikov
Affiliation:Economist, International Sugar Organization, London
Publisher: International Sugar Journal September 2000, Vol 102, No. 1221
Keywords: environmental issues, organic farming
Pages: 463 - 468
Multiple value-added products using the FAST separation technology
Author: Hannu Paananen, Goran Hyoky, Gary Cornellius
Affiliation:Actionlaser Pty Ltd., NSW Australia
Publisher: International Sugar Journal January 2000, Vol 102, No. 1222
Keywords: molasses, sucrose, separation
Pages: 26 - 30
Mill scale evaluation of hydrogen peroxide as a processing aid: quality improvement in plantation white sugar
Author: Jyoti D. Mane, Shashikant P. Phadnis, Dilip B. and Atmaram V. Yewale
Affiliation:Vasantdad Sugar Institute, Manjari, Maharashtra India
Publisher: International Sugar Journal October 2000, Vol 102, No. 1221
Keywords: hydrogen peroxide, scale evaluation
Impact of sugar cane quality on sugar and alcohol yields
Author: H.V. Amorim, A.J. Oliviera, L. F. L.F. Silva, C.D. Bernardino, A. Godoy and M.G. Alves
Affiliation:Czarnikow Sugar, UK
Publisher: International Sugar Journal February 2000, Vol 102, No. 1214
Keywords: cane quality, alcohol yields
Pages: 86 - 88