Sugar Journal

The Performance of Continuous Centrifugals
Kirby, L.K. and Atherton, P.G.  1975.  The paper reviews a study undertaken by the Bureau of Sugar Experiment Station into the performance and design of low grade continuous centrifugals. The main objective of this work has been directed towards the production of acceptable molasses purity from continuous centrifugals and in this…
Recent Advances in Ion Exchange Techniques and Apparatus Design
Schoenrock, K.W.R.  1975.  The dual cell counter-current fixed-bed design appears to combine all the desirable advantages of the fixed-bed and the counter-current continuous system without the shortcomings of either. Recent Advances in Ion Exchange Techniques and Apparatus Design. Sugar Journal, May 1975:16-19.
Pan Circulators and Controls
Abbott, J.P. and Rich, J.E.A.  1975.  Experience has shown that the primary benefits obtained from the use of pan circulators and automatic pan boiling systems is an increase in pan yield, more uniform operation and the ability to use lower pressure steam for pan boiling. Pan Circulators and Controls. Sugar Journal, April 1975:8-13.
New Waste Water Treatment System at Colonial Sugars Refinery
Knect, R.L. and Staff.  1975.  The staff of Colonial Sugars Refinery in Gramercy, Louisiana has worked diligently in the design and operation of a comprehensive water pollution abatement program. The system developed gives them the necessary control at a reasonable price. By separating the total effluent to two…
New Method to Determine Moisture and Fiber in Cane
Fors, A.L.  1975.  CIASA developed a new method for analyzing the moisture and fiber in cane using a carpenter’s saw. The procedure is fast and simple and the shredded cane dries much more rapidly than the slices. New Method to Determine Moisture and Fiber in Cane. Sugar Journal , February 1975:11-13.