Record sugar production: Subsidies announced

April 29, 2022
The Times of India|

Mumba: With Maharashtra set to produce a record 136 lakh tons of sugar in 2021-22, the cabinet has provided subsidies to sugar factories to ensure that they continue to remain open to crush the remaining cane. An estimated 35 lakh tons of cane is yet to be crushed and the crushing season is set to extend to June. 

The state will provide a transport subsidy of Rs 5 per ton on cane that is transported beyond 50km from May 1. It will also provide a subsidy on the decline expected in sugar recovery as temperatures rise in the coming weeks. It will provide a subsidy of Rs 200 per ton after May 1, to factories where they decline in sugar recovery is 0.5% or above and then final recovery is less than 10%. This year, Maharashtra is set to have its highest sugar output ever, the result of a plentiful monsoon. It will the top sugar producer in the country.