Less sugarcane availability reduces sweetness in Maharashtra

March 20, 2023
ChiniMandi | https://bit.ly/3yVCnjc

According to the latest report by Maharashtra Sugar Commissionerate, 112 out of 210 operational mills have already reported closure for sugar season 2022-23.

The country’s second largest sugar producing state has so far reported sugar production of 102.6 LMT with an average recovery of 10.36%.

In conversation with ChiniMandi News, Mr. Shekhar Gaikwad- Commissioner of Sugar, Maharashtra State shared his views on the current scenario. He said, “By 15th of April 2023 all the sugar mills will shut down. The crushing season this time has ended quicker than expected. Our initial estimates of sugar production for this season was 138 LMT which we first revised to 125 LMT and now we’ve brought down our estimates to 110 to 115 LMT. We are expecting a diversion of 16 LMT towards ethanol. In the upcoming season 2023-24 we expect an equal or lesser crop unless we are blessed with a good monsoon.”

According to an industry expert who does not wish to mention his name, “With 112 mills officially closed and around 145 mills unofficially (running without cane) and 140,000 MTs of cane crush daily, it is highly likely that the production of MH ends around 108 lakh MTs.”

A general view of analysts is that this season is turning out to be a “not-so-sweet” season with lesser sugar production and an uncertain upcoming crop for the next season.