Bangladesh: Sugar prices will not rise further, says minister

March 9, 2024
ChiniMandi |

State Minister for Commerce Ahasanul Islam Titu reassured the public on Thursday that there is no likelihood of a sugar shortage or price surge in the market, whether prompted by the fire at S Alam’s sugar mill or any other factor, reported The Financial Express.

Addressing businessmen during the inauguration of the second phase of the Trading Corporation of Bangladesh’s (TCB) sales campaign on March 7, held at ward no 24 of Dhaka North City Corporation, Titu cautioned against exploiting the crisis.

In response to reports suggesting attempts to raise sugar prices in specific locations, Titu emphasized the importance of traders refraining from such practices. He asserted that the sugar price would remain stable, even at the mill gates, as assured by the concerned sugar mill owners to the Ministry of Commerce.

Titu underlined the government’s commitment to maintaining an orderly supply chain and market environment without resorting to police or law enforcement interventions. He expressed confidence that if the market operates normally and smoothly, products will be available at fair prices. However, Titu issued a warning, stating that if the market deviates from this trajectory, the government is prepared to take stringent measures to address the situation.