ABSTRACTS: From the Proceedings of the 2012 Australian Society of Sugarcane Technologists annual conference - Agriculture papers

ABSTRACTS: From the Proceedings of the 2012 Australian Society of Sugarcane Technologists annual conference - Agriculture papers




* Breeding and genetics- Initiatives towards maintenance, imrpovement and utilisation of sugarcabe germplasm in Fiji

-A new method of statistical analusis for sugarcabe disease screening trials

-genetic correlations between floweing propensity and cane yield and CCS and implications for sugarcane breeding programs

- Towards a reliable method to select potentially high value Erianthus hybrids

-breeding prgram?


* Pest Control-implementation of a risk assessment program to forecast greyback canegrub damage in Mulgrave sugarcane fields.

-implementation of a monitoring and risk-assessment system for greyback canegrub near Mackay

-extension of better control practices for moth borers uin the indonesian sugarcane industry

- Preparations to engance Australia's biosecurity: part 1 - review of IPM for moth borers abd sugcarcane streak mosaic in the Javan sugacaane industry

-Estimation of potential losses from the top-shoot borer, Scirpophaga excerptalis Walker (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) in Ramu, Papua New Guinea


* Disease control-The effect of smut resistance on disease incidence and severity under natural spread conditions

-Preparations to engance Australia's biosecurity: Part 2 - resistance screening and pathogen reseach at Ramu agri-industries, PNG

-Ramu-stunt: resustance screening and validation of the diagnostic test

-Reassessing RSD: Insights from hardwood

- Comparison of RSD assays for diagnostic and screening varieties for resistance


* Weed Control-Preliminary evaluation of shape and colour image sensing for automated weed identification in sugarcane

-Weedicide properties of trash vlankets and timing of application of pre-emergent herbicides on trash.


* Crop Management-Economic implications of changing sugarcane management practices-Mackay Whitsunday region

-Does prolonged green cane trash retention influence nitrogen requirements of the sugarcabe crop in the wet tropics?

-Within block spatial variation in CCS - Another potentially important consideration in the application of Precision Agriculture to sugarcane


* Plant Nutrition-Validating the 'SIX EASY STEPS'nitrogen guidelines in the wet tropics\


* Chemical composition-Determination of sucrose and glucose in sugarcane using a glucose blosensor

-Accelerating the characterisation of sugarcane biomass using near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopic techniques

-Development of near infrared (NIR) spectroscopic methods to predict carbon, nitrogen, silicon, phosporous and potassium levels in mill by-products


* Environmental factors-Season rainfall and crop variability in the Mackay region

-nitrous oxide emissions from a sugarcane soil under different fallow and nitrogen fertiliser management regimes


* Information systems-Soil sensing at high spatial resolution - broadening the options available to the sugar industry

-Developing sugarcane yield prediction algoristns from satellite imagery

-As assessment of sugarcane yield monitoring concepts and techniques from commercial yield monitoring systems


* Cane Transport-Sugarcane harvest and trasnport management: a proven whole-of-systems approach that delivers least cost and maximum productivity



* Farm management-Opportunities for reducing on-farm energy use and greenhouse gas emissions in sugarcane


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